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I have loved to read since I was little. I would borrow many books from the library and still borrow to this day, but I also purchase books (mostly for my kids) and freebies on Kindle. I read as much as I can daily. Sometimes I read several books at one time. I don't have a preference of paper book over an ebook, I just love to read. Keeping lists of what I have read is a good way for me to remember. 

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Churchill's Secret Agent: A Novel Based on a True Story
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Twelve Drummers Drumming: A Father Christmas Mystery Paperback October 30, 2012
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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows
Girl Missing
Tess Gerritsen
All Fudged Up
Nancy CoCo
Murder Past Due
Miranda James

The Coloring Crook

The Coloring Crook (Pen and Ink) - Krista Davis

Book 2 in the Pen & Ink Mysteries.


Florrie is dating the police officer from the first book still. Her mother and Nathan's mother are still trying to set them up. While all this is happening, Dolly, a woman in the coloring group, shows up at the store with an old coloring book she bought at an estate sale. She thinks she has something super special and wants Florrie to help her determine if it is what she thinks it is. When she is told that it is very possibly a very good find, she posts about it on the internet and suddenly everyone and their brother come out of the woodwork. They break into places and suddenly a body is found at Dolly's place. When Zsa Zsa is accused of the murder, she feels the need to help find out the truth. 


The story was very interesting and I had a hard time waiting to get back into the story. 

The Crocodile on the Sandbank

Crocodile on the Sandbank - Elizabeth Peters

Book #1 in the Amelia Peabody Series. 


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This is how Amelia met her husband, Radcliffe Emerson, her brother-in-law, Walter, and his wife, Evelyn. So many things to laugh at in the story. Loved that she is a no-nonsense persona and takes on the challenge of being a woman traveling alone (with a friend) in stride. She meets up with Evelyn when she finds her ill in the street of Rome and helps, heals her, and buys her some clothing and takes her to Egypt. She stops at the English Foreign Office and leaves forwarding info and they go. They meet the Emerson Brothers in Egypt. When they start their journey on the river, they have a good time and then come to the area where the Emersons are staying, but Radcliffe is ill and she nurses him back to health. She also helps on his dig and finds that she enjoys the work. She resents that as a woman she cannot go to these places and do this work. While all this is happening, a mummy has started plaguing the camp. Who is the mummy really after and why did it start happening only after the women arrived? 


Such a fun read. 

Thirteen Chocolates

Thirteen Chocolates (A Chandler's Chocolate Box Mystery Book 1) - agatha chocolats

A Chocolate version of "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie. The differences, there were thirteen people and they were going to try and inherit a chocolate company. Suddenly, the gardener is found dead, after that this is where it seems like Agatha Christie's book. But there were so many spelling errors, wrong words used, and grammatical errors. It slowed the reading down and I did not enjoy the story. 



The Decaffeinated Corpse

Decaffeinated Corpse - Cleo Coyle

Claire and her husband are going to be among the first to use a new coffee bean...a decaffeinated coffee bean, grown that way. So that it tastes better. But when Rick is attacked outside the cafe and then Claire is attacked, she wants answers. Then when an old friend is found dead in a room her husband lets, so that they can hide Rick, she really feels that she has to get involved and find out answers. 


The story was interesting and is an earlier part of the series. It is good that the books can be read out of order. 


Dry - jarrod shusterman, Neal Shusterman

This book was assigned to my girls through their book club. 


The book looks at human dynamics when something major happens, like California not having any water and the people not being able to get out of the state or get water. It was an interesting look at the human condition and things that could happen. 



Devotional Bible

The Devotional Bible: Experiencing The Heart of Jesus - Max Lucado

I have had the goal to read the entire Bible for a while. I got this free a few years ago and after many starts and stops, I have finally finished reading the Bible. 

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 Days - John A Carroll

I have had the goal of reading the whole Bible for ages. I would start and stop and start and stop. A few years ago, I got this book for free and thought it would help keep me on track. It worked for a while, but then I got sidetracked and would have to start again. I finally finished this book and the Bible. 

Southern Homemade Candy Collection - Book 28 of Southern Cooking

This is by S. L. Watson. 


The book is not on the list of books and I didn't want to add it (too tired). The book is so full of recipes for candy making and fudge. I got the book for my daughter who loves to bake and cook with me. I marked so many recipes. 

Cappucinos, Cupcakes and a Corpse

Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery) (Volume 1) - Harper Lin

Book one of the series and Fran has moved back to her home town in MA from NY to take over her grandparents coffee shop, after the death of her mother. She has moved into her grandparent's home and is just trying to get her life together. In NY, she lost her fiancee when he came home and said he was going to move in with another and didn't want to marry her. She is making friends and just carrying on with her life. One day, her assistant, Sammy, sends her home to enjoy the day when she finds her neighbor dead on his back porch. She then helps her old friend, Matty, and the victim's son, find out who would murder him. 


The book was very interesting and I really did enjoy the story and learning some of the back story. I know that I will probably read other stories in this series. 

Crime and Punctuation

Crime & Punctuation - Kaitlyn Dunnett

Book #1 of the new series, "Deadly Edits" and I found it on the shelf at the library and was intrigued. I borrowed it and my daughter ran off with it and read it. I had to borrow it again in Kindle format since I ran out of time to read it in the book format. I then borrowed it as an audio, so I could listen as I drove my kids around. 


Mikki has moved back to Lenape Hollow after the death of her husband. She moves into her family's old home and has to spend a small fortune to fix it up and has to figure out a way to make money to pay for all the repairs since her nest egg could not continue to take such hits. She goes back as an editor of people's manuscripts to help them get published. She gets a manuscript from an aspiring author who pays a huge fee up front for Mikki to review her manuscript. She is then found murdered and has Mikki's card in her pants pocket. When things don't add for her, she starts looking into things and finds out the truth.


I really enjoyed this story and wish I had had more time to sit and read it, but was glad to have the audio to listen to. I am looking forward to Book 2. 


Better Homes and Gardens Biggest Book of Cookies

Biggest Book of Cookies: 475 All-Time Favorites (Better Homes & Gardens) - Better Homes and Gardens

Every December, my daughters and I make candies, fudges, and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. 


We experiment and we change things and we make cookies. I bought this book many years ago and we got it out and I re-read through the recipes, marking and taking notes and getting ready to make a few cookies. Hermits are a great way to use up coffee! So flavorful! 


For those who wonder, we package up the cookies and give them to the first responders in our area as a thank you for all they do all year long. 

The President is Missing

The President is Missing - Bill Clinton, James Patterson

President John Duncan, a war hero from NC, is being tried for crimes he is thought to have committed by trying to stop "Dark Ages." He cannot tell anyone outside of his inner group of six, but somehow the information has leaked. He needs to find out who leaked and what was leaked and try to find the computer virus and stop it. He has put measures into place to try to save the US if the virus should launch, but he wants to stop it. He has a crack team assembled, but they still cannot find the problem. It is only with the help of Augie, a hacker who worked for the Sons of Jihad, that they are able to find the virus.


The story looks at what happens if the President goes away and very few people know where he is and it looks at what happens when the US comes under threat from outside forces. 


The story was good and easy to get into, but there were moments where I felt like the story resembled "The Rule of Three" and "Dry" and also played on the fears of everyone since our lives are wrapped up on computers, phones and internet. 



Nancy Drew Christmas

I could not locate this book in the titles and I just don't have time to put it on, so I will just review. 


I loved Nancy Drew mysteries when I was a kid and kept all my copies and gave them to my girls. They were not as thrilled with them, but that is okay. I found this one and it fit categories that I was reading - It is set in Montana (didn't have that state yet) and it was a Christmas setting. 


Nancy and her dad were invited to a new resort in Montana for Christmas, but her father didn't get to go at the same time as Nancy, but she goes and is dreaming of getting better at skiing. She is asked by one of the owners to help with an opening ceremony that they have planned and when she hits ice that wasn't marked, she breaks her leg. She is put in a cast and confined to bed and a wheelchair. This doesn't stop her from investigating strange happenings at the resort. She solves the mystery of the contaminated napkins and damage to the chef's herbs, she also works with the Hardy Boys to find the truth of what is happening with the part-owner who is a public official. 


The story took some time to get into and once I was in, I was hooked. 

Tea, Tiramisu and Tough Guys

Tea, Tiramisu, and Tough Guys (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Book 2) - Harper Lin

I did have book #1 to read, but this one was more convenient for listening to while driving, I had it downloaded.


Frannie is running her coffee shop and when a British couple comes to her shop and asks for tea and they are not happy with it, she decides to learn about tea and how to make a cup of tea a British tourist would enjoy. While this is happening, she also reconnects with Todd, a high school crush, and help him prove he didn't murder another friend who was just trying to do the best he could to make a living.


The story was quick and interesting. I will be going back to book #1 to catch up with the story.

Books of a Feather

Books of a Feather - Kate Carlisle

Brooklyn, the bookbinder, is back and she is engaged to be married to her love, Derek. They are going to the Covington for a party to show off the Audobon book and his friend, Crane comes with them. While she is there, her friend gives her an original Ben Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac," and wants it fixed up and appraised. She also tells her about her cousin and how he looked like he was trying to steal it. Then a man who is supposedly president of a birder group asks her to help him save his book, too. She has both of them in her bag and takes them. The man is found dead in the Covington, then someone attempts to break into her home and then a man is killed in her home. She feels compelled to find out who is doing all this. 


I enjoy how the story is evolving and while I am reading it out of order, she does a good job of making sure you don't lose your way if you do. 


Merry Christmas Eve! 


I hope that everyone has a fantastic holiday with your family and friends and that you get some fantastic reads for Reading Season (aka winter snow-ins).